Congratulations to Veronica H. Hart and William G. Collins

Veronica’s third book in her cozy mystery Blender Series, Safari Stew has been released through Champagne Books.

The Kindle version is available for purchase here:

Doll Reynolds receives word that her missing husband, Barclay, has been discovered teaching in a South African university. Rather than call the school, she arranges a trip to confirm the information for herself. Six of her Blender friends join her for support. Old Howard arranges a luxurious safari as a side trip to either celebrate finding Barclay or to console Doll if she doesn’t. Either way, the trip leads to murder.


William G. Collins’ Behind The Golden Mask made it’s debut in paperback and Kindle edition in March 2015.

To purchase:

The golden mask of Pharaoh Tutankhamun is the most famous historical artifact in the world. Yet we know very little about the young Pharaoh behind the mask. Ascending the throne at the age of nine he would reign for only ten years. He would die before the end of his eighteenth summer. The strong influence of his heretical father Akhenaten, and beautiful mother, Nefertiti, would shape and mold the young man’s destiny. This novel tells the story through the eyes of King Tut’s mentor and adopted father—Horemheb, son of a stonemason whose acts of bravery made him member of the royal family. The adventure follows Horemheb, known to his friends as Harm, as he rises to power in the Egyptian army and swears to protect Tutankhamun’s father, and the boy king himself. The beautiful princess Abar, daughter of the King of Nubia, promises Horemheb a kingship, yet the Egyptian warrior cannot forget his own secret desire to rule Egypt one day. Using the most recent archeological discoveries and medical examinations of Tut’s remains, a web of intrigue and disturbing questions arise from the ancient dust of the Valley of the Kings. Behind the Golden Mask is an Ancient Egyptian adventure of intrigue and mystery that takes the reader to the glorious golden past of Egypt’s Eighteenth Dynasty.

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